Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, known as the "elixir of the Caribbean," is a coffee lover's treasure. Grown in the lofty peaks of Jamaica's Blue Mountains, this coffee boasts a unique balance of flavors. Its mild, yet vibrant taste, coupled with a velvety texture, sets it apart as one of the world's most sought-after brews.

About us

Fus Light is a branch of Allen's Trading Co. which was established in 2016 and has traded in established brands of roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee ever since.

Hands holding green beans

As we grew the business, it became evident that for us to offer the best possible quality of premium Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, we needed full control of the entire process, from the farmer high in the Blue Mountains right to your cup.

Thus, Fus Light Coffee was born. Enjoy a cup of one of the world's most exclusive coffees today.

Many coffee connoisseurs agree that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the world's best. An exquisite balance of aroma, body and low acidity is the medley which makes Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee so special.

Ideal growing conditions high in the eastern Blue Mountains combine together with strict government quality control and grading methods to produce a consistently high-quality bean.

Fus Light Coffee is delighted to present this rare and delightful coffee. 100% Arabica, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Never blended!