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Coffee Traders - Blue Mountain Blend (8oz)
Coffee Traders - Blue Mountain Blend (8oz)
Coffee Traders - Blue Mountain Blend (8oz)

Coffee Traders - Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Blend (ground)

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This exquisite Blue Mountain Coffee presented by Coffee Traders Limited is a blend using 20% genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Beans as a premium quality foundation, ensuring that this gourmet product is always of the highest quality and taste.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee blend has a deliciously smooth taste as connoisseurs of Jamaican Blue will instantly recognize.

  • 100% JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE BLEND Fresh Medium Roasted and Ground
  • JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE is Grown at High Altitudes in the Famous Blue Mountain District.
  • COFFEE TRADERS OF JAMAICA Introduced this Blend to Showcase the Best Jamaican Coffee at a Good Price
  • EXQUISITE TASTE AND SMOOTH DRINKING Make this Blue Mountain Blend Perfect for your Daily Coffee Fix

Tips for great coffee:
1. Store coffee in an air-tight glass container
2. Use fresh, filtered water
3. Use 1 heaped Tablespoon of ground coffee to 6 fl oz of water
4. Enjoy!
In 1814, Jamaica was the world’s largest producer of coffee and because of its importance and value to the island, it was referred to as ‘The Black Gold’ of the New World.
The Coffee Trader became an integral part of the development of this beautiful island as millions of pounds of coffee was shipped to Europe providing an essential flow of resources into this island nation.
This rich tradition continues today with the world’s most exclusive coffee brand, Jamaica Blue Mountain, which has commanded the admiration of coffee connoisseurs for centuries.