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Clydesdale - Jamaican Blue mountain K-cups (12 quantity)
Clydesdale - Jamaican Blue mountain pods
Clydesdale - Jamaican Blue mountain K-cups
Clydesdale - Jamaican Blue mountain K-cups
Clydesdale - Product of Jamaica
Clydesdale - 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain K Cups (12 Single Serve Pods)

Clydesdale - 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain K Cups (12 Single Serve Pods)

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12 single serve 100% Jamaica blue mountain medium roast coffee K cup capsule pods for use in Keurig (including 1.0 and 2.0) coffee machines. Please note that these are not compatible with Nespresso machines.

Many coffee connoisseurs agree that Jamaican blue mountain coffee is the world's best.

An exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity is the medley which makes Jamaican blue mountain coffee very special. However, it is the mellow sweet aftertaste that separates this unique brand from all the others.

Clydesdale is a renowned coffee growing region within the world famous Jamaica Blue Mountains. It is nestled in the Grand Ridge which is home to Jamaica's largest National Park and Forest Reserve. Coffee from this area was first exported in the late 1700's and because of the exceptional quality of the coffee beans, it has since remained an important growing region.

The Clydesdale brand is well represented by exquisite coffees from this region creating the wonderful aromatic cup that established Jamaica Blue Mountain as the best in the World.

Allen's Trading Company LLC has traveled extensively to find you this exclusive specialty coffee direct from Jamaica.

We are officially registered with the Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA ) as a licensed USA importer of 100% genuine Jamaica blue mountain coffee Products. This assures you that you are purchasing the real deal and that each batch of coffee has been tested and meets the high export standard of genuine blue mountain coffee.

Batch certificates are available on reguest for every Jamaican coffee product that we sell.

Clydesdale by Coffee Traders 100% Genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Quality you can trust.


  • 12 SINGLE SERVE GENUINE JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN K CUPS - 100% genuine Jamaican blue mountain k cups medium roast ground single serve coffee capsules.
  • FOR USE IN KEURIG K-CUP BREWERS - Our convenient Jamaican coffee pods are designed for use in Keurig K-cup brewers including 1.0 and 2.0. Please note that these are not compatible with Nespresso machines.
  • 100% GENUINE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE - Each shipment of Clydesdale blue mountain Jamaican coffee k cups is certified by the coffee industries board of Jamaica ( JACRA) as being 100% genuine blue mountain coffee.
  • EXQUISITE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE FLAVOR - Clydesdale blue mountain coffee has a balance of aroma, body and acidity with a mellow, sweet aftertaste - a medley that makes it so special. Jamaica's ideal tropical climate and mountainous terrain gives Clydesdale a unique signature that is acclaimed by the word's best coffee connoisseurs.
  • CLYDESDALE HAS A WELL EARNED REPUTATION - Clydesdale continues its tradition and well earned reputation of growing, processing and exporting the worlds finest Jamaica blue mountain coffee.