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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain green bean sample pack - 100 gram

100% Jamaica Blue Mountain green bean sample pack - 100 gram

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100 gram Sample of our Grade #1 Blue Baron Green Coffee Beans.

We sell these beans in 33 Pound or 1 Pound packages.

You may want to try before you buy so order our convenient 100 gram sample!


We are an official exclusive USA distributor for Jamaica Standard Products Blue Baron Estate® 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans.

Blue Baron Estate® Blue Mountain Green Coffee Beans are grown on the Blue Baron Estate which is nestled in a ravine of tropical splendor and perched on an incline between 2,000 and 3,000 feet above sea level in Jamaica.

Blue Baron Estate has produced the highest quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for many decades on its 67 acres of land. Blue Baron is a family owned estate and has been processing coffee for over 68 years. Blue Baron’s trees are harvested up to 20 times over the harvesting period, ensuring that only the very ripest cherries are harvested, then pulped and fermented with natural spring water.